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We have invested in the latest technology, which will allow us to connect to your computer remotely anywhere in the world, using remote support we can install software (for example if you would like Microsoft office 2010 installed we can provide you with this software and install it remotely without the need to come home or business) An IT Support technician will remotely connect to your computer, and talk through the problems and resolve the computer problems i.e. Virus removal software install while you watch or you can go and make a cup of tea and we will call you when we are finished fixing you're computer. This keeps you going and avoids the need to lose the use of your computer apart from the brief time the engineer is supporting you.


0 - 24 minute Remote support £15

25 - 45 minute Remote support £25

46 minutes - 1 hour Remote support £35


 Call to book a Remote Support Session 01670 361867

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